Thomas Inch’s Diet

One of the strongest men of the early twentieth-century, Thomas Inch was known in both Great Britain and the United States for his feats of strength. Unlike others however, Inch was hardly strict with his diet. In fact Inch was recorded as saying THERE IS NOTHING SO WEARISOME AS HAVING TO BE EXTREMELY PARTICULAR ABOUT WHAT ONE … Continue reading Thomas Inch’s Diet

Thomas Inch and the Inch Dumbbell (Old Video Footage)

Famed for his remarkable strength and at times, his flair for the theatric, the early twentieth-century physical culturist Thomas Inch has left quite a mark on the current strength training population. Not least for competitors of the World’s Strongest Mancompetition who are often tasked with lifting a replica ‘Inch Dumbbell’ overhead. This being no easy … Continue reading Thomas Inch and the Inch Dumbbell (Old Video Footage)