A French-Canadian Bodybuilding Federation

1946, Montreal, the International Federation of Bodybuilding is founded by the Weider brothers before a contest held at the Monument National. This federation will be the Weiders' first step towards gaining supremacy in the bodybuilding world - this however, did not go unopposed. Conflict  Releasing the first issue of Santé et Développement Physique in 1946, fitness … Continue reading A French-Canadian Bodybuilding Federation


Santé et Force

As some of you might recall from a previous article, Joe Weider, later assisted by brother Ben released Your Physique magazine in 1940 out of Montreal. Although their first attempt was modest, the (soon-to-be) Weider brand grew quite steadily to reach exponential heights. However, the Weiders were not alone in the francophone Iron Game (without going into … Continue reading Santé et Force