The Fall of a Giant – The Crowning of a Newcomer

As I'm sure you have noticed, I love the history of Quebec strongmen, in particular Louis Cyr. As discussed, Cyr represented more than strength; he stood as a symbol of French Canadian opportunity in the face of an history of oppression. Little wonder Cyr's funeral in 1912 is still alluded to in Quebec press. The … Continue reading The Fall of a Giant – The Crowning of a Newcomer

Strength through Violence

In a previous post I discussed the presence and importance of strongmen in the province of Quebec. Physical culturist George Jowett, termed Quebec the 'Cradle of Quebec' due to the sheer number of those guys coming from the province. On another occasion, Quebec political figure Joseph-Xavier Perrault, during his trip to England with Louis Cyr, … Continue reading Strength through Violence

Build Muscle, Win the War

While deep in bodybuilding research, rummaging  through dated copies of Your Physique, Muscle Builder, and Santé et Développement Physique hoping that the yellowed pages stay intact (one must not forget, these are sacred items), it became clear to me that, in the early establishments of muscle magazine, one can easily find messages of nationalism and nation pride … Continue reading Build Muscle, Win the War