One of the most popular physical culturists of the entire twentieth-century, there is no denying the impact Charles Atlashad on the muscle making industry. Full of vigour, advice and the occasional insult, Atlas challenged his ‘students’ to improve their physique as much as possible. The yardstick for their success? None other than Atlas’s own body. … Continue reading DO YOU MEASURE UP?

Anthropometry; “You’ll Never be as big as your Pump”

A ‘normal’ occurrence among most serious gym-goers is comparing ourselves to a higher being (professional bodybuilders, movie stars, bikini models, etc.) or to the people around us. Doing so does not entail perversion, far from it. It simply means that you have entrenched yourself into the healthy, or at times detrimental, practice of building your … Continue reading Anthropometry; “You’ll Never be as big as your Pump”