Leroy Colbert

What can I say about Leroy Colbert. Well, obviously he had massive arms. This was somewhat his calling card and what some would argue the factor that added the word 'legendary' before his name. However, there is so much more to say about Leroy Colbert. A legend rises. Born in 1933, Colbert started lifting weights … Continue reading Leroy Colbert

Joe Weider’s Weight Gain Contest (1955)

In December of 1955, Joe Weider published the first issue of Junior Mr. America magazine. Aimed at teenagers and young men between the ages of 12 to 21, Junior Mr. America highlighted the importance of the younger community for bodybuilding entrepreneurs. Packed with training, dating and general life advice, the magazine was viewed by many teenagers as a godsend. … Continue reading Joe Weider’s Weight Gain Contest (1955)

Build Muscle, Win the War

While deep in bodybuilding research, rummaging  through dated copies of Your Physique, Muscle Builder, and Santé et Développement Physique hoping that the yellowed pages stay intact (one must not forget, these are sacred items), it became clear to me that, in the early establishments of muscle magazine, one can easily find messages of nationalism and nation pride … Continue reading Build Muscle, Win the War