Iron Man: Jack Lalanne

Who? Those of our readers who are unaware of Lalanne are in for a real treat. Born in the early 1910s, Lalanne was one of the most outspoken and passionate men to grace the Iron Game in the past century. A bodybuilder, gym owner, TV personality and much, much more, Lalanne was still exercising on … Continue reading Iron Man: Jack Lalanne

Iron Men: Hippolyte Triat

Who? Born in the early nineteenth-century, the Frenchman Hippolyte Triat represented one of the first modern gym owners and promoters of the modern age. Plucked from obscurity following a daring rescue of an aristocratic woman from a runaway horse, Triat benefitted from an upper-class education in France. Though exposed to the classics and arts, it … Continue reading Iron Men: Hippolyte Triat