A Challenge to Sandow; Strongmen in the Press.

While researching the regular strongman and bodybuilding articles (as we history PhD people do on the daily) I stumbled across this newspaper clipping that was featured in the National Police Gazette in 1893 asking “Is Eugen Sandow Afraid?” In this post I would like to address not only this specific clipping, but also the use … Continue reading A Challenge to Sandow; Strongmen in the Press.

Strength through Violence

In a previous post I discussed the presence and importance of strongmen in the province of Quebec. Physical culturist George Jowett, termed Quebec the 'Cradle of Quebec' due to the sheer number of those guys coming from the province. On another occasion, Quebec political figure Joseph-Xavier Perrault, during his trip to England with Louis Cyr, … Continue reading Strength through Violence