Would the Real Joe Weider Please Stand Up

A reoccurring phenomenon when researching the IFBB or the Weider brothers is the presence of controversy. As previously discussed in a different post, the establishment of the International Federation of BodyBuilding was not without its conflicts and controversies. Naturally, it seems, as founder of the federation and as, we must acknowledge it, kingpin of bodybuilding, … Continue reading Would the Real Joe Weider Please Stand Up

Dan Lurie’s Half Moon Bench

Having previously detailed forgotten physical culture devices like the Iron Boots and the Swingbell, the time has come to discuss another treasure from bodybuilding's past, namely the 'half moon bench'. Promoted heavily by the Dan Lurie Barbell Company during the sixties and seventies, the "Half-Moon" or "Round Bench" promised to stretch the ligaments and cartilage around the … Continue reading Dan Lurie’s Half Moon Bench

The International Federation of BodyBuilding – Origin??

\As the Mr.Olympia came to another close by crowing Phil “the Gift” Heath as the Sandow holder for the 7th time, let’s pull back and the study the origin of the biggest bodybuilding federation in the world. Before proceeding it is important to note that the alleged founder of the IFBB, Joe Weider’s life is … Continue reading The International Federation of BodyBuilding – Origin??