The American Continental Weight-Lifters Association

The Association Organized in 1922 and implemented in 1924, the purpose of the American Continental Weight-Lifters Association (ACWLA) was to preach and plan standardized (according to an American standard vs. the European standard) weight-lifting events across the United States. The two-year waiting period was said to have been caused by Macfadden’ physique contest (won by … Continue reading The American Continental Weight-Lifters Association

Bob Hoffman’s Fish Protein

Bob Hoffman has undoubteldy given litfters much to be thankful for. He further popularised affordable weightlifting sets, did a great deal for American weightlifting and engaged in a long and highly humourous feud with Joe Weider. For all his business success however, Hoffman did have his failures and when Hoffman failed… he went all out. … Continue reading Bob Hoffman’s Fish Protein