Iron Women: Katie Sandwina

Who?  Born Kate Brumbach in 1884 in Vienna, to Bavarian parents. Kate lived strength from an early age. Her parents were regular performers in the German circus circuit. Their act consisted of formidable and impressive feats of strength. Her father Philippe was said to be able to lift 500 pounds with one finger. Her mother … Continue reading Iron Women: Katie Sandwina


Iron Man: Jack Lalanne

Who? Those of our readers who are unaware of Lalanne are in for a real treat. Born in the early 1910s, Lalanne was one of the most outspoken and passionate men to grace the Iron Game in the past century. A bodybuilder, gym owner, TV personality and much, much more, Lalanne was still exercising on … Continue reading Iron Man: Jack Lalanne

Bill Pearl’s Vegetarian Bodybuilding

Vegetarian bodybuilding? Is such a thing even possible? Oftentimes when vegetarians embark on the weightlifting adventure, they’re met with derision from those already on the path. How could you possibly get in enough protein? Won’t your diet be carb heavy? And how do you plan to avoid deficiencies? Today’s post, examining the vegetarian diet of bodybuilding legend, … Continue reading Bill Pearl’s Vegetarian Bodybuilding


Who invented progressive resistance training? Or in simpler terms, who discovered that lifting heavier and heavier loads made one bigger and stronger? It’s a strange question admittedly. A question that we may never be able to answer. Luckily that hasn’t stopped people trying. One such theory comes from the magical world of Greek mythology. A body … Continue reading MILO OF CROTON, THE FATHER OF RESISTANCE TRAINING