The History of ’21s’ Training

What teen or young lifter hasn't been seduced by the idea of bigger biceps? Indeed in the bodybuilding universe of both males and females, no pose is more iconic that the front or back double bicep pose. A difficult set of muscles to grow, except of course for the genetically gifted, the biceps have been … Continue reading The History of ’21s’ Training


Beverley Francis

In 2014, the Ms. Olympia competition came to an end. That same year the IFBB announced that the Ms.International competition, second largest female bodybuilding competition, and held at the Arnold Sport Festival, would also end. Speculation surrounds the termination of such competitions: some discuss lack of funds, loss of popularity, and low revenue from the … Continue reading Beverley Francis


Situated halfway between the gym and the nightclub, pre-workout supplements have taken on a remarkable popularity amongst gym goers in recent years. Labelled with ‘hardcore’ names such as ‘Anarchy’, ‘Mr. Hyde’ or ‘Rage’, the pre-workout supplement has become a staple amongst portions of the lifting community. Indeed, one may be forgiven for thinking that bodybuilders, … Continue reading A HISTORY OF PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS

Irvin Johnson’s Scientific Body Building and Nutrition Course (1951)

Better known as Rheo H. Blair, Irvin Johnson was one of the foremost bodybuilding nutritionists of the 1950s and 60s. Producing one of the most sought after protein powders in the Iron Game, Blair was lauded for his nutritional knowhow and ability to achieve seemingly unbelievable weight gain amongst his clients. Bearing that in mind, … Continue reading Irvin Johnson’s Scientific Body Building and Nutrition Course (1951)

Joe Weider’s Weight Gain Contest (1955)

In December of 1955, Joe Weider published the first issue of Junior Mr. America magazine. Aimed at teenagers and young men between the ages of 12 to 21, Junior Mr. America highlighted the importance of the younger community for bodybuilding entrepreneurs. Packed with training, dating and general life advice, the magazine was viewed by many teenagers as a godsend. … Continue reading Joe Weider’s Weight Gain Contest (1955)