Your Physique #1

In August 1940, the first issue of Joe Weider's Your Physique hit the shelves. According to some sources, Weider began working on the magazine when he was 17 years old, only to complete it 3 years later. With the little money he had - considering that he worked during the Great Depression - Weider purchased a … Continue reading Your Physique #1


Louis Cyr’s Backlift

Who? Quebec strongman Louis Cyr; he's only one of the most prominent sporting figure of Quebec equal to Maurice 'the Rocket' Richard. (Full Bio of Cyr posted in the near future.) Louis Cyr is known for feats of strength including his 500 pound one finger lift, his over 270 pound bent press, and that time … Continue reading Louis Cyr’s Backlift

The end of Flex Magazine?

  With the recent announcement regarding the “termination” of Flex magazine, let’s look at a very short history of the magazine. Joe Weider’s first bodybuilding magazine was called Your Physique and was written and published from his kitchen in Montreal, QC, in 1940. With Muscle Builder as an additional Weider publication (which resembled Your Physique) … Continue reading The end of Flex Magazine?