A French-Canadian Bodybuilding Federation

1946, Montreal, the International Federation of Bodybuilding is founded by the Weider brothers before a contest held at the Monument National. This federation will be the Weiders' first step towards gaining supremacy in the bodybuilding world - this however, did not go unopposed. Conflict  Releasing the first issue of Santé et Développement Physique in 1946, fitness … Continue reading A French-Canadian Bodybuilding Federation


The American Continental Weight-Lifters Association

The Association Organized in 1922 and implemented in 1924, the purpose of the American Continental Weight-Lifters Association (ACWLA) was to preach and plan standardized (according to an American standard vs. the European standard) weight-lifting events across the United States. The two-year waiting period was said to have been caused by Macfadden’ physique contest (won by … Continue reading The American Continental Weight-Lifters Association

Would the Real Joe Weider Please Stand Up

A reoccurring phenomenon when researching the IFBB or the Weider brothers is the presence of controversy. As previously discussed in a different post, the establishment of the International Federation of BodyBuilding was not without its conflicts and controversies. Naturally, it seems, as founder of the federation and as, we must acknowledge it, kingpin of bodybuilding, … Continue reading Would the Real Joe Weider Please Stand Up

Stone Lifting – It’s a History Thing.

While researching about strongmen, strength, and various exercises, the practice of lifting stones seem to arise more often than not. You don’t believe me? Keep reading and visit the links at the bottom of this post. Before proceeding, it is important for Conor and I to add that this post would not be possible without … Continue reading Stone Lifting – It’s a History Thing.

Phil Speaks: An Interview with Natu and the Super Jacked Ginger

  I had the chance to meet this guy called Sam while shopping for supplements about a month ago. We began discussing various effects of preworkout, our favorite brands, and the reasons I don't take it anymore. Our talk quickly changed to the Mr. Olympia contest that was on its way. Seeing that we both … Continue reading Phil Speaks: An Interview with Natu and the Super Jacked Ginger

Gifted: the Phil Heath Documentary. A Review

With the Mr. Olympia one week behind us and the result shaking the foundations of professional bodybuilding, I believe it is an opportune time to review Gifted, the Phil Heath documentary. Early Impressions To be honest, I had no idea such a documentary existed; not only that, but that there was also a sequel (which … Continue reading Gifted: the Phil Heath Documentary. A Review

A Challenge to Sandow; Strongmen in the Press.

While researching the regular strongman and bodybuilding articles (as we history PhD people do on the daily) I stumbled across this newspaper clipping that was featured in the National Police Gazette in 1893 asking “Is Eugen Sandow Afraid?” In this post I would like to address not only this specific clipping, but also the use … Continue reading A Challenge to Sandow; Strongmen in the Press.