Santé et Force

As some of you might recall from a previous article, Joe Weider, later assisted by brother Ben released Your Physique magazine in 1940 out of Montreal. Although their first attempt was modest, the (soon-to-be) Weider brand grew quite steadily to reach exponential heights. However, the Weiders were not alone in the francophone Iron Game (without going into … Continue reading Santé et Force


Promises of Bigger Arms, OH MY!!

While making my way around the gym in between sets (of 1000 lat.pulldowns, of course), perusing with my historian curiosity in this sanctuary of iron and paraphernalia, I came across the bad boy you can see on the picture. For those of you who do not know what this is, you have come to the … Continue reading Promises of Bigger Arms, OH MY!!

BBB: Mr. America: the Tragic History of a Bodybuilding Icon – John D. Fair

Are you starting a collection of history books related to the Iron Game? Do you aspire for a future in this research business and lifting weight is such a big part of your life that you figured you would combine the two? Or have you been following us for a while now and these BBBs … Continue reading BBB: Mr. America: the Tragic History of a Bodybuilding Icon – John D. Fair

Build Muscle, Win the War

While deep in bodybuilding research, rummaging  through dated copies of Your Physique, Muscle Builder, and Santé et Développement Physique hoping that the yellowed pages stay intact (one must not forget, these are sacred items), it became clear to me that, in the early establishments of muscle magazine, one can easily find messages of nationalism and nation pride … Continue reading Build Muscle, Win the War