BBB: David Webster’s Sons of Samson (1990)

As an aspiring physical culture scholar, David Webster was, is, and continues to be, a source of inspiration. One of the most prolific researchers of the past fifty years, Webster has combined dogged research with incredible fieldwork. Aside from publishing a series of highly readable accounts on the origins of bodybuilding and weightlifting, Webster was … Continue reading BBB: David Webster’s Sons of Samson (1990)


Iron Women: Katie Sandwina

Who?  Born Kate Brumbach in 1884 in Vienna, to Bavarian parents. Kate lived strength from an early age. Her parents were regular performers in the German circus circuit. Their act consisted of formidable and impressive feats of strength. Her father Philippe was said to be able to lift 500 pounds with one finger. Her mother … Continue reading Iron Women: Katie Sandwina

Doug Hepburn’s 1953 Training Cycle

An absolute goliath in the training world, Douglas Ivan Hepburn or Doug for short, was one of the most respected athletes of the mid-twentieth century. Winning gold medals at the 1953 World Weightlifting Championships, the 1954 British Empire Games and a series of other contests, Hepburn is perhaps best known for his incredible power. Indeed, the Canadian … Continue reading Doug Hepburn’s 1953 Training Cycle