Your Physique #1

In August 1940, the first issue of Joe Weider’s Your Physique hit the shelves. According to some sources, Weider began working on the magazine when he was 17 years old, only to complete it 3 years later.

With the little money he had – considering that he worked during the Great Depression – Weider purchased a type writer, installed his ‘office’ in his parents’ kitchen, and began writing with the help of some prominent names such as French Canadian strongman Arthur Dandurand, and physical culture enthusiast George Jowett.

Weider acknowledged that he was inspired by two American magazines: Alan Calvert’s Strength, as well as his soon to be nemesis Bob Hoffman’s Strength & Health. Weider, with the release of Your Physique claimed that it was time for Canada to have its own bodybuilding and weightlifting outlet.

Notice on the second image the type writing marks and the illustrations and titles all done in pencil. If you wish, you are able to view the first issue in its entirety thanks to the Stark Center in Austin, TX. Simply follow the link provided to marvel at Joe Weider’s amateur work that grew into the biggest bodybuilding business this world has ever seen.


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