Thomas Inch and the Inch Dumbbell (Old Video Footage)

Famed for his remarkable strength and at times, his flair for the theatric, the early twentieth-century physical culturist Thomas Inch has left quite a mark on the current strength training population. Not least for competitors of the World’s Strongest Mancompetition who are often tasked with lifting a replica ‘Inch Dumbbell’ overhead. This being no easy task as viewers of the competitions will know.

In homage to Inch, and mainly because I just stumbled across it today, today’s short post features recorded video of a then middle-aged Thomas Inch lifting his novelty ‘Inch Dumbbell’. His novelty ‘Inch Dumbbell’, which as he states in the video, has bested some of the champion physical culturists of the time.

As video footage of the earlier physical culturists is so hard to come by, I hope visitors to the blog will echo my excitement!

As always, Happy Lifting!

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