Broadcast (BBB) Vol.4 – The IFBB Album of Bodybuilding All-Stars

Album of All StarsThis 4th Bi-Weekly Book Broadcast is a real gem. In the album of bodybuilding all-stars, the Weider brothers offer a great page turner filled with muscle and history! Despite biographies lacking information, the pictures displayed in this book are enough to keep any bodybuilding fan or enthusiast wide-eyed and yearning for more. Looking for extensive histories of the game’s biggest players? This book will not fulfill that request. However, if you want quick background info of the biggest stars and amazing pictures, this album is surely one for the collection.

As a side note, if you are a fan of controversy and enjoyed our post regarding the history of the IFBB, Ben Weider mentions in the introduction of this book that his federation was founded on that fateful night (the AAU unsanctioning) in 1947. Now, if you remember correctly, and if you visited the official IFBB website in the past or present, the official date for the founding of the IFBB remains 1946.

We just love when that happens.

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