Happy Holidays!


It’s the holidays. Some of us have had a difficult year trying to hit that PR, finally reaching the 225 threshold on the bench, or even fitting enough training days in our week to acquire the respective title of “fitness freak.” Here at E.I.I. we understand your struggle and we want to offer you a gift.

Enter the “freak zone” and enjoy Scott Steiner’s Freak Show. Come on, treat yourself! Marvel at Big Booty Daddy as he curls tires from “the car [he] didn’t like,” performs 4, I guess trap rows with a log, probably from a tree he didn’t like, squats with a ‘hottie’ I forget the name he gives the girls on his shoulders, flexes his stuff, and demands for “more sexy” to ensure proper peak in the tricep longhead.

Happy holidays to all of our followers!

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