Broadcast (BBB), Vol.2: Drew Leder, The Absent Body


Though not connected with Bodybuilding persay, Leder’s philosophical text, The Absent Body nevertheless has resonance for muscleheads. Beginning with the basic assumption that we only come to know our surroundings through the body, Leder goes on to suggest that the body becomes absent in our daily lives. We forget about the body as we engage in activities such as driving, office work or even reading this text. Often it takes a shift in our everyday experience such as illness or injury to force us to focus on the body once more. What does this mean for gym goers? It means to savour the time you spend working out, focusing on your body and feeling the blood coursing through your veins. This feeling alone separates you from the majority and allows you to celebrate your health instead of squandering it.

Who thought squatting could be philosophical eh?

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