The Sig Klein Challenge

Face it. Every now and then you want to try something new in the gym. A new lift, a new rep range or an entirely new style of training. The mind gets bored of monotony, something which the lifters of yore were all too acquainted with. Today's post on the Sig Klein challenge will not only … Continue reading The Sig Klein Challenge


Your Physique #1

In August 1940, the first issue of Joe Weider's Your Physique hit the shelves. According to some sources, Weider began working on the magazine when he was 17 years old, only to complete it 3 years later. With the little money he had - considering that he worked during the Great Depression - Weider purchased a … Continue reading Your Physique #1

Thomas Inch and the Inch Dumbbell (Old Video Footage)

Famed for his remarkable strength and at times, his flair for the theatric, the early twentieth-century physical culturist Thomas Inch has left quite a mark on the current strength training population. Not least for competitors of the World’s Strongest Mancompetition who are often tasked with lifting a replica ‘Inch Dumbbell’ overhead. This being no easy … Continue reading Thomas Inch and the Inch Dumbbell (Old Video Footage)